New! GADS Cause code reports posted to NERC website

New Cause Code report has been posted to the NERC website.
Cause Code Report based on GADS Cause Codes usage and impact can now be viewed. Filters can narrow results and sorting based on impact can be done as well.

GADS 2021 Winter Event Reporting

In February 2021, the central United States experienced extended periods of record low temperatures creating conditions which resulted in power outages across multiple states. In the interest of being able to identify generator events that were a direct result of the low temperatures, NERC and the GADS User Group (GADSUG) are requesting that entities use the following reporting guidelines.

Cause Coding During the Cold Weather Event
For events that occurred from February 8, 2021 through February 20, 2021 and that were a result of the cold weather event.
1. Create and code the event as is normally done.
a. Identify any equipment that failed using the Primary Cause Code.
b. If additional cause codes are necessary, include them as the secondary, tertiary, etc… causes.
2. Add an additional cause code, 9036 – Storms (Ice, snow, etc), after adding all Cause Codes that would normally be included.
3. Ensure that the Description of the event is filled out.
a. Describe what happened to cause the outage.
b. If possible, include information on whether or not the equipment was considered winterized at the time of the event.

Events which are not attributable to the cold weather event during this period should be reported as usual.

Additional Points of Clarification

Use of 9036 for this event does not align with normal reporting in my company
NERC and the GADSUG recognize that the use of cause code 9036 may not be entirely precise in every event attributable to this cold weather occurrence. GADS does not currently have a mechanism to easily flag events directly attributable to an overlying condition, so the request if for this cause code be used. The use of 9036 for this purpose is only to be for events that occur between February 8, 2021 and February 20, 2021. Outside of this window, please use 9036 as you normally would.

My company already responded to FERC’s request for information about the cold weather event
While FERC and NERC are performing a joint inquiry into the event, the information collected through FERC’s inquiry is not directly compatible for use with GADS. The requested modification to GADS reporting enables an additional data point on the event, which may provide further insight.

Clarification on Lack of Fuel Codes 9130 vs 9131
1. 9130 – Lack of Fuel: Physical failures of fuel supply or delivery/transportation of fuel. Use this Cause Code if no fuel was available event with a firm fuel supply contract. This is an Outside Management Control Cause Code (OMC). The following scenarios are examples where this code would be applicable:
a. A firm pipeline gas transportation segment interrupted causing disruption or reduction in the flow of natural gas
b. Physical damage to pipeline or cyber disruption
c. Routine pipeline maintenance (e.g. pigging)
d. Commodity supplier failed to deliver firm gas to primary pipeline receipt point
2. 9131 – Lack of Fuel: Contract or Tariff allows for interruption
Use this Cause Code if there was no firm fuel supply contract and the outage was related to the contract. The following scenarios are examples where this code would be applicable:
a. Company’s fuel supply group allocates limited firm fuel to other fleet sites
b. Pipeline enforces ratable takes provision to tariff levels
c. Pipeline issues Operational Flow Order
d. Local Distribution Company (LDC) confiscates or interrupts fuel scheduled for delivery to plant gate
e. Plant fuel buyer rejects gas at implied delivered prices (possibly including penalties)

If the fuel was not able to be delivered due to a problem with plant equipment (i.e. a fuel supply valve froze) that should be coded to the appropriate cause code.


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